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Sabtu, 27 September 2014

Yiruma [Lee Ruma]

Daftar lagu     Yiruma
ÿ  First Love 2001

T Farewell
T It’s Our Day
T Till I Find You
T On the Way
T Love Me
T Kiss The Rain
T River Flows in You
T Dream a Little Dream of Me
T When the Love Falls
T Time Forgets
T May Be
T If I Could See You Again
T Passing By
T Left My Hearts

ÿ  From the Yellow Room 2003

T The Moment
T Yellow Room
T With the Wind
T The Scenery Begins
T Sometimes Someone
T Chaconne
T 27. May
T Kiss the Rain
T The Day After
T Indigo
T Falling

ÿ  Nocturnal Lights They Scatter 2004

T In the Letter To Be Vague
T The Lights Follower
T Just for a While
T To My Y
T Nocturnal Lights They Scatter
T Happy Couple, Sad Couple ‘N Happy Again
T 1315’s Improvisation A
T The Sunbeams They Scatter
T 1315’s Improvisation B
T 1315’s Improvisation C

ÿ  Destiny of Love 2005

T Reminiscence Keep Us Together
T How to Forget Me
T Destiny of Love
T Love Hurts
T Mika’s Song
T Scene from My Window
T Our Same Word
T The Last Sound

ÿ  Stay in Memory 2012

T The Days That’ll Never Come
T Happy Couple, Sad Couple ‘n Happy Again
T Nocturne No.4 In Db
T Impromptu
T Painted
T Nocturne No.2 In Eb
T Silver Line
T Nocturne No.1 In C; Summer Nocturne
T Falling in Love
T Stay in Memory
T Nocturne No.3 In A Minor

T I Could See You

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